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Amanda Eberhardt, Sales

Shyenne Moran, Sales

Randall Calhoun, Sales &

Radio Personality



*2BK9 The Cove Radio LLC is Rated (R), For Mature Audiences Only. We do try to keep a friendly playlist for all ages. Our goal is to play the top hits from yesterday and today and some of those hits are recorded for more mature audiences. We play un-edited songs through out the day. Listen at your own risk. And please enjoy.

*By Listening to 2BK9 The Cove Radio you agree to hold 2BK9Radio.com and all it's partners harmless. You Agree that you are listening at your own accord and choice. By calling you give 2BK9Radio.com permission to use your conversation and voice over the radio.

*2BK9Radio is a division of 2BK9 LLC, A Cove Enterprise Company.

*All Music Royalties and Licensing available upon request. (DCMA & DMR Compliant) (BMI, SoundExchange, ASCAP, SESAC, AllTrack, SOCAN, Re:Sound, PPL, and PRS for Music) Licensed.

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